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Empowering CGIAR and Revolutionizing R&D Investment Decisions through Market Intelligence

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Friday, 07 June 2024
8-10 PM PHT
6-8 AM CST
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Unveiling the Global Market Intelligence Platform

Purpose: GloMIP is a digital platform established by the CGIAR Initiative on Market Intelligence. It aims to crowd-source, generate, share, and analyze market intelligence such as product/technology preferences and requirements of farmers, processors, and consumers, and indicators of impact opportunities across crops, countries, and impact areas. This information supports market segmentation and product/technology design to address humanitarian needs better. It also helps (1) investors make better-informed R&D investment decisions and (2) scientists prioritize R&D and request and justify resource mobilization.

Achievements: GloMIP is an already functioning platform offering interactive portals like Impact Opportunities, Market Segments, and Target Product Profiles. GloMIP’s usage is growing rapidly, with 1,480 unique visitors (since October 2023). Users from organizations like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture, Semilla Nueva NGO, and the CGIAR have also expressed positive feedback on GloMIP’s relevance.

Relevance to CGIAR: To further scale GloMIP’s visibility and attract more users, the team will formally launch GloMIP to the CGIAR Community on June 7, 2024. This launch aims to achieve the following:

  • Generate interest among donors and investors in using the platform for their investment decisions.
  • Demonstrate a clear value proposition within the CGIAR and position it as an essential tool that can be used by the Mega Programs.
  • Encourage project leads, program managers, crop breeders and scientists to use and promote the platform amongst their peers.
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Donors and Investors

GloMIP empowers donors and investors by providing data to inform their investment decision-making processes, catered to their investment preferences. The information can also help them effectively communicate their priorities.

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Project Leads and Program Managers

GloMIP empowers CGIAR project leads and program managers by providing them with tools and insights for resource allocation and mobilization. GloMIP also supports data-driven priority setting of CGIAR breeding programs.

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Crop Breeders

GloMIP offers portals containing tools that stakeholders can use to explore CGIAR breeding pipelines’ target beneficiaries and products. The data available includes inputs from 21 CGIAR mandate crops and 25 non-CGIAR crops. The available intelligence allows stakeholders to identify impact opportunities across market segments, countries, and regions. Moreover, the platform displays the target product profiles that breeding pipelines pursue to serve the needs of the beneficiaries in the market segments and that are hosted in the Breeding Portal developed by the CGIAR Initiative on Accelerated Breeding.

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GloMIP provides scientists from diverse backgrounds, including agronomy, disease and pest ecology among others with comprehensive market intelligence, allowing them to conduct more targeted, relevant, and impactful research based on real-world data and impact indicators. Additionally, the platform promotes collaboration among scientists by sharing insights and data across different projects and regions.

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