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A public platform for sharing market intelligence to inform market segmentation, target product profile design, seed systems and investment decision making in crop breeding.

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What we do | GloMIP

What we do

We support alignment of crop breeding efforts to regional market segments, and provide analytics for product design, priority setting and investment guidance in CGIAR Genetic Innovation.

Who are our end-users and stakeholders?

  • CGIAR and NARES scientists: pre-breeders, breeders, social scientists, biophysical scientists, nutritionists, gender specialists, climate change experts, etc.)
  • Donors and investors
  • Genetic Innovation management
  • Private seed companies
  • NGOs
Who are our end-users and stakeholders | GloMIP

How to Cite the platform

CGIAR. 2024. Global Market Intelligence Platform. <glomip.cgiar.org>. Accessed [insert date].

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The CGIAR Initiative on Market Intelligence aims to maximize CGIAR and partners’ returns on investment in breeding, seed systems and other Initiatives based on reliable and timely market intelligence that enables stronger demand orientation and strengthens co-ownership and co-implementation by CGIAR and partners.

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